Veterans Furniture Center

United for Change plays a pivotal role in supplying furniture and basic household items for homeless veterans moving into permanent supportive housing with the use of a HUD-VASH voucher. We operate the Veterans Furniture Center collecting donated household items and furniture which provides furnishings to veterans (at no cost to them) as they transition from homelessness into housing. Donations are collected throughout the valley. When a homeless veteran receives a HUD-VASH voucher, he/she is taken to the Veteran Furniture Center and is supplied with furniture and other needed items for the new place. Without the resource United for Change provides, our veterans would move into their new homes with nothing to sleep on, nothing to sit on. Since opening the Veteran Furniture Center, United for Change has provided furnishings for over 750 veterans.

In addition to using the Veteran Furniture Center for furnishing our veterans’ new homes, we also implement a work program where formerly homeless veterans will fill needed positions in the warehouse through the Comprehensive Work Training (CWT) program at MANA House. This enables the veterans to reintegrate into the work force and give them on-the-job training to give them work experience for employment in the future.

The critical gaps listed above, being fulfilled by United for Change, and working with other community partners has created a seamless system of helping homeless veterans move from the streets into their own homes with the essential items needed to reintegrate back into society.

Veterans Furniture Center,
2319 W Holly St Phoenix, AZ 85009
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2319 W Holly St, Phoenix, AZ 85009